• Probably some changes
  • Added Metro 2033
  • Post added: A sensible guide on weight training for longevity
  • Post added: A sensible guide on weight training for longevity
  • Some changes
  • Further improvements to books list
  • Update books
  • Update books
  • Fixed book page SEO.
  • Implemented automatic updates of the books data file based on a Python script that translates a local spreadsheet into JSON
  • Added books page with several filter options
  • Added a menu for all options in top right that is fixed on mobile
  • Fixed search bar width using mostly Tailwind
  • Many small UI improvements for mobile screens
  • Optimised Lighthouse scores
  • New avatar image
  • Added SEO with dynamic Og Images, meta tags, and so forth
  • Archive section on homepage now shows a compact list of all posts
  • Improved search input so that all transitions are smooth and the search input is full-width on mobile
  • Added footnote support using remark-footnotes
  • Added a changelog page which is generated from the file, which is updated automatically with each commit message


  • Let’s see if this adds a new line to the changelog?
  • Convert [slug]/+page.server.js to be fully dependable on api/posts, also for the content
  • Add category links to posts, created category cloud, and added category pages
  • Hero placeholder shows up on all screen sizes
  • Add tag for in templates
  • Syntax Highlighting with two themes that switch depending on active theme
  • Add compact post list for Archive
  • Added Fuse.js for client-side fuzzy search