Web development Resources

8 MRT 2022 - 1 min read

A list of resources I use frequently, mostly but not exclusively related to web development.

Interesting articles

(Academic) writing

  • Hemingway Editor - Teaches you to write bold and clear language.
  • EndNote Click - Neat browser extension for Firefox and Chrome, that searches for full-text PDFs of research papers.

Web design

  • Free Illustrations - A collection of collections of free SVG illustrations.
  • Cari Institute - Cari stands for "Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute", the website holds a collection of different aesthetics from the 1970s until now.
  • Addy Codes Toolkit - Huge collection of tools and resources.

Small tools

  • PNG Pixel - Generates a tiny Base64 encoded pixel that you can use as a placeholder for things like lazy loading images.
  • Previewed - Create free device mockups up to a certain resolution.